Bates Method

William Horatio Bates is an American scientist who studied the human eye. He came up with what is now known as the Bates Method, which is an alternative therapy whose purpose is to improve eyesight without lenses or surgery. Dr. Bates stopped prescribing eyeglasses to his patients after observing that the glasses do not resolve their eye problems; they are actually preventing the eyes from healing naturally. Although they do help people with visual problems, eyeglasses do not correct the root cause of why vision problems occur. Dr. Bates researched for 30 years, and focused on alternative therapies that can heal the eyes naturally.

The Bates Method works in the idea that problems with vision is caused by strain through improper use, and its solution is to attain relaxation. The more relaxed a person is, the better the vision. Mental habit causes the strain that the eye experiences. Using the Bates Method of relaxation, it reestablishes the normal interaction between the eye and mind. Most of the methods he promoted are based on achieving “central fixation”, or the ability to maintain concentration on a focal point of vision without staring.

There are several treatments in the Bates Method. One of them is known as Palming. This relaxes the eye, in turn releasing the tension caused by eye strain. In palming, all the tools you need are your hands. Cover your eyes with the palm of your hands, but make sure that there is no pressure over the eyes. If you are totally relaxed, the darkness will be pitch-black. If you are in dire need of relaxation there will be an illusion of lights and colors. Regular palming may improve your vision. It’s a very simple technique and is highly regarded as a foundation for teaching you how to relax the eyes and mind.

Sunning, another technique in the Bates Method, is similar to palming. Your eyes should be closed throughout this whole process. A source of light is needed, be it a desk lamp, or even sunlight. The idea is, your eyes should be closed and the light should be pleasantly lighting your face. You turn your head slowly from side to side and observe if your eyes and head are moving together. The Bates Method recommends sunning for no more than 3 minutes at a time, since this amount of time is all that is needed to relax the eyes. It is best to palm your eyes after sunning.

Dr. Bates is well known to have said that seeing movement is the most important method you can use to improve your eyesight because it helps avoid straining. Swinging, as one of the exercises in the Bates Method, has different versions, but if you are just starting out it is recommended to try the long swing. You do this by holding a stick or a similar object in front of you. When you swing your whole body, you should see your surrounding swing like a pendulum. Sometimes people feel dizzy, but usually you will be able to do this with no sign of discomfort.

There are a lot of alternative therapies to help relieve the eyes. The Bates Method is popular largely due to the amount of research its founder has put into it. Effects will be seen once you do these simple exercises often enough.

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