Chinese Eye Exercises

Chinese eye exercises were developed by the Chinese centuries ago to help relieve the eyes from strain. Given that there are a lot of gadgets nowadays that further stimulate the eyes, these exercises may help in relieving them.

Chinese eye exercises focus on acupressure and massage techniques that stimulate several points in the eye

 The idea is to massage each of the points for approximately ten seconds each. It is a good idea to make sure to trim your fingernails and wash your hands to make sure that you don’t injure yourself when you do these exercises. It would also be helpful to rub your hands together to warm them up before the exercise.

Zanzhu Points Massage

One of the more popular Chinese eye exercises is the Zanzhu Points massage. This helps relieve headache and blurred vision. Find the points on either side of your nasal bridge, put your thumb and index finger on them, and gently press on it using an up and down movement. Count up to 8, pause a bit and then start again. Repeat them about 8 times to enjoy the benefits.

Bitong Points Massage

Another one of the well-known Chinese eye exercises is the Bitong Points massage. The Bitong points are found at either corners of the nose. You just need to use the tips of your fingers and rub the area between the Bitong points all the way up to the inner corners of your eyes. Make sure that you use an up and down motion when massaging those points. Massaging the Bitong points help in cases of refractive errors of the eyes, and as a bonus it also helps in cases of runny nose.

Tong Zi Liao

The Tong Zi Liao points are found at the outer corner of the eyes. it helps relieve itchy eyes, blurry visions, and may also help in alleviating early-staged cataracts. All you need to do is put the tip of your fingers on these points and rub them in a clockwise direction. This is one simple exercise that a lot of people do not know come from old Chinese eye exercises method.

Si Zhu Kong points

The Si Zhu kong points are higher up, it is found at the outer ends of the eyebrows. You can feel a bony protrusion that mark your eyebrows; massaging its outer ends help reenergize the eyes and reduce eye strain. It also helps in softening wrinkles. Use your middle or index fingers and follow the path of your eyebrows, where you can feel the protrusion. Start from the middle and end on the outer ends.

Yuyao Points massage

The Yuyao Points massage is another of the Chinese eye exercises that relieve the inner part of your eyebrows. Use your thumb and press them over these points. Use a circular movement at 8-second intervals, to be repeated 8 times.

These Chinese eye exercises are very simple to do, and you can surely find time within the day to do them, as it will help relieve your tired, strained eyes.

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We hope this article on Chinese eye exercises has been useful.

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