Computer Eye Strain

Eye strain happens when your eyes get tired from intense, continuous, and focused use. Before, eye strains are experienced most often when reading, or driving a car for prolonged periods. Nowadays, with more and more people using computers for work or entertainment, computers have replaced reading as the number one cause of eye strain.

Computer eye strain usually is not permanent, or serious. Once you rest your eyes it should be okay. However, like a lot of diseases, some signs and symptoms of eye strain may signify eye conditions that need treatment. You may be having computer eye strain when you feel one of a combination of the following:

• Dryness around the eyes
• Redness
• Headache
• Double vision
• Blurred vision
• Sensitivity to light

Like in a lot of things, it is better to prevent than to cure. Computer eye strain is bothersome, but there are ways to prevent or reduce it. A routine eye exam is probably the most important thing you can do in terms of prevention and early diagnosis. Proper eye care should also be maintained. There are a lot of eye exercises available that will help in preventing eye strain and maintaining vision.

When focusing on work in front of a computer, you have a tendency to blink less. Be conscious of how long you have been using, and give yourself frequent short breaks. Look at distant objects occasionally so that you rest your tired eyes from focusing on a near object. Close your eyes for brief periods of times to provide respite.

Computer eye strain can also be prevented by setting up your workstation in a way that will be ergonomic for your body and your eyes. Use a copy stand when copying from a printed page; this not only impacts your eyes but also your neck. Switching back and forth from the page you are copying to your monitor may cause eye strain; a copy stand adjacent to your monitor will do wonders to ease your eye strain.

Another thing that can prevent computer eye strain is to simply adjust the display settings of your computer. It is best if the brightness of your display is approximately the same as the brightness of your surroundings. Tweak the text size as well. If the text size is too small, you may need to squint in order to read it, and it can be very exhausting especially if you are creating long files. Change the contrast of the display as well. On a computer screen, it is best to have black text over a white background.

You may also want to consider computer eye wear to protect yourself from computer eye strain. You may ask an eye care professional to modify your eyeglasses and customize it to be computer glasses. This is best for people who wear contact lenses or prescriptive lenses, which can easily cause dryness of the eyes that will lead to computer eye strain.

There are many ways to prevent computer eye strain; you do not have to suffer from it every time you use a computer. Know the best styles that help prevent it, and you can use your computer to your heart’s content.

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