Eye Exercises To Improve Vision Videos

In this post, I’d like to share a few eye exercises to improve vision videos that I came across recently. They are each very good at describing how to do certain vision improvement techniques, including some of the ones we described in the last post. Note that you will see a description of the eye exercises performed below each video.

In this first video, you’ll see the woman palming. She rubs her hands together first to warm them up so they are not to cold when she puts them to her face. Then she place the palms of her hands over her eyes to block out all light. For the rest of the video, she is doing eye massages by using her hands and fingers to massage the facial area surrounding the eyes (and even on her neck) in order to stimulate blood flow throughout the face and eyes.

In this next video, the gentleman is performing a few different eye exercises to improve vision, including eye stretching exercises, in which he moves his eyes in different directions to stretch the muscles surrounding the eyes. This makes them easier to move around.

After that, the gentleman then does a focusing exercise called tromboning. This technique is good for stretching out the focusing muscles inside the eye. He then continues with some more focusing exercises. He finished off the video by doing some facial isometrics, in order to reduce bagginess under the eyes.

The third and final video I would like to share with you today is recorded in an Asian school. These students use eye exercises to improve vision every day. This keeps their eyes healthy and able to focus properly.

I hope these videos gave you a better visual understanding of how to do certain eye exercises to improve vision. For more great vision improvement techniques, I highly recommend you check out my friend’s website HERE. Feel free to post and questions or comments below!

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