Eye Health

Eyes are considered to be one of the most important parts of the human body, and taking care of it properly is a must. A lot of people take it for granted, little knowing that good eye health is easy to achieve, easy to manage, and provides you with a lot of advantages in life.

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul; we must also recognize that they are our windows to the outside world. Protecting and properly maintaining our eyes must be a daily habit, as it is part and parcel of our health.

Prevention is better than cure: this is another saying that we hear. When it comes to good eye health it is also quite relevant. Exercise and good nutrition, which is very popular nowadays, not only benefit your body but also your eyes. Vegetables, fruits and fish can help lessen the risk of getting eye disease. Research shows that high antioxidant intake helps protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration, which causes blindness. Antioxidants such as vitamin C found in citrus fruits, vitamin E found in nuts and avocados, and lutein that can be found in spinach and collards appear to protect the eyes from that disease. The research does not yet completely show how antioxidants promote good eye health, but they appear to pile up in the retina, where they clean up free radicals that damage eye cells.

Protective eye wear also helps promote good eye health. We are not talking about sunglasses; protective eye wear includes goggles, eye guards, and safety glasses. We normally wear protective eyewear for specific activities; they are not difficult to get, and they especially protect the eyes from any untoward accident.

Speaking of eye wear, sunglasses are often acknowledged as a great piece of fashion. However, its main importance lies in its ability to protect the eyes from harmful sun’s rays. Make sure you always wear the ones that block out UV-A and UV-B radiation, as this definitely leads to good eye health.

Knowing your family history is also helpful to know the history of your eye health. It is important for you to know if any member of your family has been diagnosed with eye disease or has an eye condition that is hereditary. This will help you to establish if you are at a higher risk than normal in developing that same condition.

One thing that promotes eye health that people fail to do is to have a comprehensive eye exam. A lot of people think that their eyesight is fine or their eyes are generally healthy, but visiting an eye care specialist is the definitive way to be sure. A lot of common eye diseases like the age-related macular degeneration mentioned earlier often have no warning signs. A comprehensive eye exam would usually be the only way to detect these maladies early on.

As more and more people obsess on finding new ways to improve overall health, you should also give focus on maintaining your eye health. Proper diagnosis and preventive measures listed above are definitely the first line of defense towards keeping good eye health.

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