Low Vision Therapy

Often mistaken for blindness, low vision is a visual problem that limits sight enough to interfere with your daily routine. Although there is still some useful sight, a person who suffers from low vision may not be able to distinguish colors that are similar to each other, or may not be able to identify images from a distance. Unlike a lot of visual problems, low vision cannot be solved by wearing corrective lenses. Usually if a person is diagnosed by low vision, it is recommended that they undergo low vision therapy.

Low vision is not necessarily caused by aging. There are many different causes, some of which are macular degeneration, glaucoma, or even cataracts. This vision problem may cause difficulty in doing simple daily activities such as driving, reading a book, cooking, or even using simple appliances like the microwave or the telephone. Since routine is normally important, low vision may interfere largely in one’s daily life. Low vision therapy may be the answer that will help a person deal with the problem.

Low vision therapy can be looked at as something that is similar to rehab that helps people deal with the aftereffects of stroke, arthritis or heart disease. Low vision is a big problem since people who have limited vision finds their day-to-day independence to be severely limited.

Before undergoing low vision therapy, it is best to be assessed by experts to correctly identify the cause of the impairment. Apart from that, since there are a lot of techniques that can be used in low vision therapy, a correct assessment will help select the best ways and exercises that will help each individual the best.

Low vision therapy may take as long as several months; it may also be as short as one session. Experts such as occupational therapists or ophthalmologists will be able to provide accurate evaluation depending on each person’s needs.

Sessions in low vision therapy also take advantage of many devices to help people with low vision. There are magnification devices, or even simple reading materials with large prints on them. Some advanced equipment makes use of computer software to assist in the therapy session.

Low vision is not as uncommon as a lot of people think. About one out of 20 people in the United States have been diagnosed with low vision. Although it may seem quite overwhelming, getting the right kind of help will be most beneficial. Some people get low vision in their childhood, others develop it as they get older. The best way to deal with this kind of disease is to understand what is going on, and be consulted. Low vision therapy goes a long way to help people who suffer from this.

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