Vision Therapy Exercises

For people who have problems with their vision, vision therapy exercises present an alternative to wearing glasses, or contact lenses, or even surgery. A lot of common problems with vision may be addressed by this progressive system of vision therapy exercises. In order for you to have successful results, you have to consider that this type of therapy is individualized to suit the patient’s needs, it has to be done under doctor’s supervision, and commitment is required. The exercises should be done regularly in specific lengths of time in order to have the best outcome.

There are a lot of vision therapy exercises available that you can do with minimal equipment and effort, and they can be done wherever you are, whether you are sitting on the bus or at your desk in your office. You can do these simple exercises that allow you to strengthen and improve your vision.

One of the most basic and very popular vision therapy exercises is known as palming. Rub your hands together until they feel warm and cup them over your closed eyes. Make sure that there is no pressure from your hands to your eyes. Hold this position and breathe deeply for a few minutes. This exercise helps relax your eyes.

Find time several times each day to do this exercise: hold your thumb at arm’s length and move it around. You can move it in slow circles or crosses, or different shape. Pull it close to you and then move it away. While your thumb is moving around, follow it with your eyes without moving your head. Make sure that you keep your thumb and your surroundings in focus while doing this activity.

A lot of people find vision therapy exercises useful, especially those that help alleviate strain from doing a lot of close-focus work. Post the front page of a newspaper approximately eight feet away on a wall. Take a break from your work every ten minutes or so, and look at the newspaper page. Focus first on the words with the largest font – the headline – and start scanning the subheadings and then the fine print. This will help you maintain your focus. You’ll also be pleased to notice that at the end of the day, blurry vision that you normally experience is lessened.

Another one of the more well-known vision therapy exercises is known as the 3 cup exercise. You need an image of two circles side by side, with both circles containing a smaller circle inside them. Sit approximately one to two feet away from the image, and hold a pen between the circles. Look at the tip of the pen while slowly pulling it towards you. At one point you will see a third circle appear in the middle to the two circles. Once you see the third circle stop pulling the pen towards you. Practice staring at the middle circle. When you practice this enough, you will reach a point where you can remove the pen and you can focus on the middle circle. This kind of vision therapy exercises help you with your focus, and can help address near or farsightedness.

There are a lot of options available to help improve your vision, and vision therapy exercises are one kind that is readily available to many people.

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